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The Jewish Board of Advocates for Children, Inc. (JBAC) is a new non-profit corporation founded in New York State in 2008. The founders recognize a need for a new voice to address the pressing issues of the day in yeshiva and nonpublic school education. Those issues include: the health, safety and welfare of all children; the spiraling cost of religious and nonpublic school education; and the quality of education. We are both a think tank and activist organization. Among our initial accomplishments, when we were known as the N.Y.S. Yeshiva Parents Association, was our successhl

advocacy for a new law in New York State authorizing all nonpublic schools to fingerprint and background check their prospective employees. Our schools can now avoid hiring convicted sex offenders and other dangerous persons who should not be working near children. This law became effective July 1,2007. Our activities include multi-disciplinary conferences, attended by professionals, community leaders, and all interested persons who possess a fervent wish to make a better world for our children. We seek practical solutions to contemporary challenges. Our Officers, Executive Committee members, and rabbinic panel members are comprised of individuals with strong backgrounds in law, medicine, mental health, education, parenting, mentoring, and the Jewish religion.