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Elliot B. Pasik is a trial and appellate attorney in private practice at 366 Pearsall Avenue,

Cedarhurst, Long Island, N.Y. 1 15 16, (5 16) 37 1-2800, where he specializes in serious

personal injury and general commercial litigation. He is a graduate of Clark University,

Worcester, Mass. (B.A.); and, Yeshiva University's Cardozo School of Law (J.D.). He

additionally studied at Yeshiva Ohr Somayach, Israel. He is a member of the Education

and the Law Committee of the Association of the Bar of the City of New York. He is

president and co-founder of the Jewish Board of Advocates for Children, Inc. (JBAC). In

2005, he wrote letters to New York State legislative leaders, resulting in the passage of

legislation authorizing nonpublic schools to fingerprint and background check their

prospective employees. He is also the original proponent and drafter of two Resolutions

of the Rabbinical Council of America (RCA), which endorse mandatory child protection

laws for New York's nonpublic schools. He and his wife and six children reside in Long

Beach, Long Island, N.Y. He may also be reached at efbasik@,

Perry Schafler, LCSW-R, is a licensed clinical and certified school social worker, and a

certified chaplain. He is a graduate of the University of Chicago (B.A.); Yeshiva

University's Wurzweiler School of Social Work (M.S.W.); Hebrew College (M.A.); and

C. W. Post, Long Island University (P.D., School Administration). He has semicha

(rabbinic ordination) from Rabbi Dr. Moshe Tendler of Yeshiva University. He also

holds state certification in school and district supervision, and served as principal of a

specialized yeshiva high school for teens with substance abuse addictions. He is a past

Director of the Hillel Foundation at the University of Wisconsin; former Rabbi of

Congregation Bachurei Chemed of Long Beach, and of the American Congregation of

Austrian Jews in Manhattan. He is an active member of the Yeshiva Counseling

Network, and one of the founding members of the Orthodox UnionfBoard of Jewish

Education Safe Schools Committee, where he was involved in developing uniform

substance abuse education, prevention, and intervention policies and procedures for the

recently formed Safe Schools Yeshiva Network. He currently provides school social

work services in yeshiva high school settings, including, Hebrew Academy of Long

BeachDRS High School for Boys; Rambam Mesivta High School; and Hebrew

Academy of Nassau County High School; he additionally maintains a private practice in

Long Beach and Hewlett, Long Island, N.Y.. He resides in Long Beach, with his wife

and four children.

Dr. Vivian Skolnick, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst in private

practice for thirty years, specializing in psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, and marital

therapy. In her early practice, she was head of the withdrawal program of the State of

Illinois Drug Program (co-sponsored by the University of Chicago). She is a board

member of Nefesh International, the network of orthodox Jewish mental health

professionals. Dr. Skolnick is on the faculty of the Chicago Center for Psychoanalysis.

Her papers have been published in professional journals, and she is the author of a soonto-

be published book, Biblical Path to Psychological Maturity - Psychological Insights

Into The Weekly Torah Readings ". Dr. Skolnick has been deeply involved in child

abuse prevention in Illinois and nationally.